Right in the Heart of Downtown Cairo

Located in the heart of Downtown Cairo, you are set to grasp the architectural history of this part of the city.
Downtown is all about location & lifestyle: built by Ismail Pasha as the modern, European City Center in the 19th century in contrast to Cairo’s old center “alFustat” it was planned to be the jewel of the orient. Once home to the prosperous elite, the architecture is a relic of a bygone area: Egypt’s belle époque.
In mid-20th century, modernist architecture was added, which is now enriched with busting streets of today, making Downtown Cairo an interesting patch work.
You may stroll down the promenade next to the Nile, enjoy a fresh sugar cane juice from the juice-man between clothing boutiques, rest at a local street cafe (‘ahwa) to have some shisha or grab a beer in a nostalgic old restaurant.
The Nile, the Egyptian Museum, a local market with fresh produce from veggies and fruits to cookies and bread, art galleries, culture centers, restaurants and cafes are all within walking distance.


Madina Hostel
5, Kasr El Nile Street
Downtown Cairo

Getting Around.


Cairo’s taxi drivers are a breed on its own and more often than not don’t speak English. We suggest you take an uber, for safety and convenience. At any time, we happily assist you getting a taxi, so to arrive at your desired destination safe and sound.

Metro (subway)

There are currently 2,5 metro lines in Cairo, connecting the North and South, West and East of the City. All cross through Downtown at multiple stations, while the closest to the hostel is at Tahrir Square: a 5min walk.


The two main bus stations for regional buses going to all over Egypt is a 5 / 10-min drive away. And for the highly adventurous: The bus station for inner-Cairo traffic is also within a 5-min walk.


Cairo’s train station connecting the capital with Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan, is a 10min drive away.


You can easily explore the city, or at least Downtown, by foot from the hostel. Other neighborhoods worth touring are reached within a 10-15 min taxi drive.

Directions to Madina Hostel.

The best way to reach us when giving instructions or being lost is to head to the “Steigenberger Hotel” which is right across the street from Madina Hostel. Our building is on the left side of the street, a little before the Steigenberger and before the garage.

Voilà. Welcome home.

Come prepared. Book an airport pick up with us in advance!